Triangle lifts

Why refurbishment / modernisation?

An old lift does not always need replacing in its entirety.

It is often more practical and cost effective to refurbish an existing lift. We are able to replace worn or obsolete components with their modern equivalent.

Refurbishment can also avoid costly building alterations in meeting current new lift legislation.

refurbish an existing lift

What can Triangle Lift Services do?

Offer advice on:

  • Improving the appearance of your lift
  • Increase its reliability
  • Improved ride quality
  • Health and Safety improvements
  • Improvement for the less able(DDA Solutions)
  • Eco improvements
Passenger lifts

What can Triangle Lift Services offer?

  • Experienced engineering sales team
  • Design experience second to none
  • Product flexibility and solutions to suit your needs,budget and timescale
  • In-house cosmetic upgrade team
  • Competitive tendering against Consulatant specification